Innovative Decor for Your Home and Office

WoodButcher Designs was long in the making (17 years, to be exact) before opening our virtual doors. Our very first products were for our own home, built to meet the design and practical needs for items we couldn't find on the retail market. Passionate about delivering finely crafted handmade products for your home and office, we invite you to explore our world of innovative designs for interior spaces.

Rooted in a passion for modern, clean, simple designs, our inspiration for our collections stems from a blend of products that offer style, function and modernity. Each of our items is conceptualized, refined and brought to life by Gary, our talented designer whose credentials include nearly 20 years of design and handmade building experience along with a Master of Interior Architecture and Design.

Whether you're looking for ways to artfully organize your home and office or give your room a pop of style and something unique, WoodButcher Designs has what you seek. Contact us today for more information on our products and for wholesale inquiries.

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Gary & Michelle
WoodButcher Designs

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